An analysis of a thrilling novel the stand by stephen king

I found this book to be extremely entertaining because it was well written and somewhat realistic, despite it's supernatural aspects.

Stephen King from A to Z: He is always there lurking, waiting to attack. But he's not the only thing. Scaring Us to Death: Every character is full and alive, and they're all in the book with a purpose.

Stephen King’s The Stand: Summary & Analysis

Underwood and Miller, He has a counterpart, as all evils should: From the above synopsis of The Stand written by Stephen King, you can briefly sum up that the novel is the battle is good and evil, ultimately the victory of goodness over evil. The interviews were held between and ; the opening transcript of a talk King gave at the Billerica Public Library is most useful.

Randall Flagg is King's most persistent antagonist, and the single biggest connection in King's books bar, maybe, Maine. By clicking "SEND", you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy. A critical feast of all things King. He states to the Trashcan Man that he intends to kill Flagg and take over as leader in Las Vegas when he arrives.

It's written from the viewpoints of many different characters, all of them showing different shades of humanity, of morality. Resources include a biographical chronology, a bibliography, and an index.

Stephen King's The Stand

On their manner, they meet up with six people from assorted provinces in the United States who joined them on their journey. The two groups separately re-build society, until one must destroy the other. What would I do?

Out of the sky the manus of Good comes and destroys the Dark Man saving the three work forces. However, another group of survivors which includes a common thief, an arsonist and the ex-chief of the Santa Monica PD are drawn to Las Vegas, and they are known as Randall Flagg, the "dark man," or the "walkin' dude.

We can simply reveal that it is thrilling novel that portrays the forces of good over evil. Maybe with Captain Trips. Abigail tells the people that three of them, including Stuart, must be sent to destroy the "Dark Man". The books are the same story, the same characters; content cut from the early version was put back and the book slightly remastered, as it were, for King's later, more-receptive-to-giant-novels audience.

The Work of Stephen King: Nadine makes it safely to Las Vegas before Stuart and his two companions are about to be hanged. Instead, at Mother Abagail's dying behest, four of the five surviving members of the leadership committee—Glen Bateman, Stu Redman, Ralph Brentner, and Larry Underwood—set off on foot towards Las Vegas on an expedition to confront Flagg.

In response, Flagg causes a pack of wolves to descend on the two travelers, allowing the Trashcan Man to flee unharmed, but the wolves kill The Kid after a standoff.

That's not an accident. It's nothing like The Stand, when you actually get down to it, but as I sat in that editorial meeting, and as I read The Stand again, I realised that I am wholly, totally indebted to King's book. When it was re-released inthe author reconstructed some text originally edited for brevity, adding some new sections and also changing the setting of the novel from to The woman, Abagail Freemantle—better known as "Mother Abagail"—becomes the spiritual leader for the survivors.

Includes bibliographical references and an index. Did they choose to find each other, or was it chosen for them?

Stephen King's The Stand

The Stand Synopsis of the third part goes like this, in the third part the novel comes up with the confrontation of both the groups and recognizing one another as its survival, leading to 'the stand' of the good against the evil and involving a salvaged nuclear weapon.

These people or survivors are drawn together by their shared dreams of an elderly mystic woman whom they considered as a refuge. Wilhelm, and Kelly Chandler, eds. Another was published inand it's about 1, pages long, and it's set in the 90s.

Best of Stephen King

These people — the American contingent of the 0. He is always there lurking, waiting to attack. In the yeara plague strikes America, leaving only a few thousand people alive who are "immune" to the epidemic.

I remember thinking how terribly sad this was, because when the book starts he's just a kid. Harold was the crux for me; he presented me with the question that makes the novel so powerful and affecting to so many people.

He is always there lurking, waiting to attack.THE BASIS OF KING’S NOVELS: FROM THE GOTHIC NOVEL TO POE Since childhood the King of horror, Stephen King was very fascinated by the unusual and "the dark side” of man.

In fact, at the age of ten, he discovered the horror genre after seeing the film. Stephen King's The Stand, Free Study Guides and book notes including comprehensive chapter analysis, complete summary analysis, author biography information, character profiles, theme analysis, metaphor analysis, and top ten quotes on classic literature.

The Stand is a post-apocalyptic horror/fantasy novel by American author Stephen King. Stephen King fan James Smythe has reached The Stand in his survey of the horror master, and finds this novel isn't just about good versus evil – it's also about fate.

What Stephen King Isn’t. King’s new novel might have come straight out of that basement library. “The Shining” is introspective, austere, and. The book Desperation by Stephen King is one of my favorites.

Stand Research Paper Stephen King Essay

It’s a thrilling novel about love and sacrifice in a dark time of need. The reader is captivated by the mystery and gloominess throughout the book/5().

An analysis of a thrilling novel the stand by stephen king
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