Apache rewrite anchor tag

If you make a mistake here, internal links will show up incorrectly while you still may be able to access the main page by specifying the correct URL manually. You can use Javascript to draw the part of the page you want to keep dynamic. How do I change file permissions?

WP Super Cache

Fixed bug PDO statement fails to throw exception. Make sure the Upload Directory is properly configured and writeable by the Apache web server process.

See if you can spot the bad line. Download that file and edit it in a text editor. How do I disable Supercaching? The AllowOverride directive controls which features will be allowed in.

This is unavoidable if the different links in the chain are served by different servers though it should be minimised by rewriting the URL as much as possible on the server before returning it to the browser as a redirect.

Fixed bug microtime leaks memory. AdWords is an increasingly complex marketplace. You must edit the file and change the path so it points at the wp-super-cache folder. Your theme is probably responsive which means it resizes the page to suit whatever device is displaying the page.

The Six Most Common Htaccess Problems and How to Fix Them

File locking and deleting expired files will not work properly unless the cache folder is on the local machine. Alternatively page names can start with a lowercase letter, in addition to the possibilities of starting with a capital, a digit, etc.

When the wiki is accessed from either the localhost where it runs, from an intranet or from the internet, e-mail notifications and a few other computed messages would be usually delivered with the different URLs.

A short listing of the most important variables, as well as the most requested features, is listed below. You should choose one way and install the Enforce www preference plugin if you are using an old WordPress install.

How to create a simple dynamic website with php and mysql

Manage Site — This is like an admin folder which contains files to create and view all the dynamic web pages of the website. Security issues[ edit ] URL redirection can be abused by attackers for phishing attacks, such as open redirect and covert redirect.

It is now offered as a download, which you must then upload to your server for your wiki to begin working. This type of redirection is often used to prevent potentially-malicious links from gaining information using the referrer, for example a session ID in the query string.

As a result, an htaccess file in a more deeply nested directory can override the settings made by an htaccess in a higher directory.If you know of any other tricks to redirect a web page add a comment below and I'll update this post with the latest info.

PHP 5 ChangeLog

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Warning. With the release of Apache HTTP Servermany configuration options have changed. If migrating from version toplease firstly read Section“Migrating Apache HTTP Server Configuration Files to ”.

Apache rewrite anchor tag
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