Ethics in society honors thesis

Ethical and social issues related to the development and use of computer technology. What is good and what is bad? The course is about these emotions, their meaning and role in morality and law.

Introduction to Disability Studies and Disability Rights. Is there any reason to be moral? Which forms of performance enhancements are acceptable in sport the ethics of drug use and enhancements through technologies?

They will be able to deploy those critical and analytical skills to assess a broad range of other policies.

Ethics in Society Program

She has written for and edited a number of student publications, including the Stanford Arts Review and Topiary, and is currently running a workshop on technological and rationalist feminism. They will be prepared to take more advanced classes in ethics, political theory, as well as moral and political philosophy.

The Ethics of Migration. My thesis seeks to answer two questions: Ethics in Society Workshop. If you have prior experience in ethics, political philosophy or political theory, it will allow you to deepen your knowledge and to learn new theories of justice.

We will then move from the classroom to the family, considering a difficult set of questions about how we are to square the autonomy rights of children, elderly parents, and the mentally ill with our desire as family members to keep them safe.

Is mandatory service an oxymoron? Introduction to Feminist Philosophy. The seminar will revolve around glaring historical examples of betrayal but also use informed fictional novels, plays and movies from Shakespeare and Pinter, to John Le Carre.

The seminar will focus not only on the normative aspect of betrayal - moral or legal, but also on the psychological motivations for betraying others.

It will provide an in depth introduction to the concepts that are used when inequalities are discussed by philosophers, economists, scientists and politicians. If you do not have any such knowledge, this class will introduce you to the normative approach to politics that is the approach that consists in asking what a just society requires and will help you develop some understanding of how one proceeds when arguing for justice.

Pacifists argue that because war is so violent it is never justified, and that there is no such thing as a just war. In a lot of ways, I am still deeply fascinated by those kinds of totalizing ideologies of work and their imbrications in our own day to day lives; see our own Career Development Center's recent renaming to BEAM: This course seeks to address these questions by bringing architecture in conversation with contemporary normative political theory.

History of public service in the U. Class sessions will include visitors who have occupied prominent leadership roles. I am an artist and an urbanist. They will also be prepared to apply the critical ethical thinking that they will have deployed onto other topics than sports.

Readings will include excerpts of relevant research, problems, exercises, and case studies. My research primarily deals with contemporary philosophical scholarship on Buddhist wellbeing and population ethics.

Socrates thought that philosophy was supposed to be practical, but most of the philosophy we do today is anything but. What is the meaning of success? Students will be evaluated on the basis of three essays.

The Ethics and Politics of Collective Action. War is violent, but also a means by which political communities pursue collective interests. There are no pre-requisites. Fashioning Economies of Affect in Dallas Advisor: From healthcare to parliamentary reforms to educational policies, social and public policies are underpinned by normative justifications - that is by different conceptions of what is right, wrong or required by justice.

Are we simply trying to equalize basic rights and liberties, or also resources, opportunities, positions, status, respect, welfare, or capabilities? This course provides an overview of core ethical problems in international politics, with special emphasis on the question of what demands justice imposes on institutions and agents acting in a global context.

Readings drawn from philosophy, political science, economics, and sociology.Student Honors And Awards. Goldstone Prize for Best Senior Honors Thesis. Awarded annually for the Honors Thesis that makes the most distinguished contribution to the interdisciplinary understanding of the fields of ethics, politics, and economics.

The Prize includes a. Honors Thesis. The Hollins philosophy program offers students the opportunity to graduate with departmental honors in philosophy. In order to do this, students must write an honors thesis, present some portion of that thesis during the Senior Seminar, and defend the thesis before a committee.

The third and most important responsibility is a 20 page seminar paper (built from your initial assignment), due at the end of the quarter, which should make significant headway into your chosen topic for.

The importance of teaching accounting ethics : an honors thesis (HONRS 499)

Spring Honors Courses The following course descriptions are provided by instructors of Honors courses. Clicking on the course title will direct you to the course description. Rebuilding the Foundation Reestablishing Ethics in the Accounting Professsion Acceptance of Senior Honors Thesis This Senior Honors Thesis is accepted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for graduation from the Honors Program of Liberty University.

―Unpopular as this notion of personal responsibility is in our society, ethics and. Among the awards presented were David M. Kennedy Honors Thesis prizes, which recognize the best theses in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences and engineering & applied sciences.

Department Honors Program in SEAL

Recipients have accomplished advanced research in the field and have shown strong potential for publication in peer-reviewed scholarly works.

Ethics in society honors thesis
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