Stax music history

Stax in limbo[ edit ] Al Bell was arrested and indicted for bank fraud during the Stax bankruptcy proceedings, but was acquitted of those charges in August As a result, the furious house band bluntly told Jim Stewart not to bring "that asshole" to the studio again.

When Dowd returned to New York the next day he had the tape of Thomas' breakthrough hit "Walking the Dog", which Jim Stewart lauded as the best-sounding record Stax had yet produced.

Cropper would quickly become a writer, producer and session guitarist on scores of Stax singles. The Stax house band's working methods were unusual for popular music recording at the time, and it was this that attracted the interest of Atlantic Records ' Jerry Wexler.

The Stax Museum is a replica of the Stax recording studio, the former Capitol Theatre, down to the sloping floor of studio A. January Learn how and when to remove this template message Through much of the s and s, Stax activities focused exclusively on re-issues.

There were a lot of ups and downs throughout this movement. The carpeted halls were always full of groups of people, who seemed to be going to and fro at will, dropping in on friends in their offices, heading down to Studio A to check on the progress of a mixing session, or out to the parking lot where Isaac Hayes's Rolls-Royce sat glittering in the sun.

Stax Records

For the first time, many of the label's acts began frequently recording at outside studios such as Ardent Studios in Memphis and at recording studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama and working with outside producers, signaling an end of the signature Stax sound.

Byall of the secondary Stax labels had folded, with only the main Stax label and Truth remaining. Early years as Satellite Records[ edit ] The "Stax-o-Wax" logo used during the Atlantic distribution years Stax Records, originally named Satellite Records, was founded in Memphis in by Jim Stewart[2] [3] initially operating in a garage.

InFantasy issued the various artists album Top of the Stax, Vol. Stax as an independent label[ edit ] Although Stax had also lost their most valuable artists, they recovered quickly.

Stax Museum of American Soul Music

Name change to Stax and beginning of partnership with Atlantic[ edit ] With the success of "Cause I Love You", Stewart made a distribution deal giving Atlantic first choice on releasing Satellite recordings.

Hip Hug-Herby Booker T. She kept us in touch with the music industry. Forced to choose between his sister and his vice president, Stewart asked Axton to step down from the company. Stax label recordings were reissued on the Atlantic label, and Volt label material on the Atco label.

Stax, of course, is known as Soulville — the rougher, grittier version of Motown. It was left to a new generation of artists and producers to carry on the Stax legacy, and the company did not find itself wanting in either department.

January Learn how and when to remove this template message Through much of the s and s, Stax activities focused exclusively on re-issues. By the fall ofboth Steve Cropper and Booker T.

I also enjoyed the Stax: Although the trip was a huge success for the artists and their label, it also marked another significant change in the political landscape at Stax.

Stax initially hoped to join Atlantic in the Warner buyout, so Jim Stewart, Estelle Axton and Al Bell flew to New York hoping to negotiate a deal, but according to Stewart the figure they were offered was "an insult".The music behind these singers was more varied than in the early days, and some of it was recorded outside Memphis.

But the spirit of Stax was burning as brightly as ever. The new Stax producers were at least as important as the artists in determining the Stax sound. The Stax Music Academy is a proud part of the Soulsville Foundation.

Learn More. The exhibit includes panels chronicling the history of spirituals, gospel music, and the civil rights tradition tied to the Black church. The next galleries chronicle the story of Stax Records, its artists, and other soul music artists of the s and 70s.

The multi-media package Stax ’68 A Memphis Story, which will be released on Oct. 18 by Craft Recordings, tells the story of Memphis, Stax Records and the music the label released during the tumultuous year of This five CD box set contains every single and B-Side that Stax.

Stax Records is an American record label, originally based in Memphis, Tennessee. Founded in as Satellite Records, the label changed its name to Stax Records in It was a major factor in the creation of Southern soul and Memphis soul music.

Stax Location: Memphis, Tennessee. Stax Music Academy began June 1, at Stafford Elementary School with Music Academy building opened in July TWO THOUSAND AND FIFTEEN () MARKED STAX MUSIC ACADEMY’S 15TH ANNIVERSARY.

Since then SMA has served more than 4, students. First SMA Summer Soul Tour took place .

Stax music history
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