Writing a xenofiction story

The first collection of Dragonlance short stories includes "Dagger-flight", a retelling of the first third of Dragons of Autumn Twilight from the perspective of a sentient knife.

Since the story is told by multiple people through multiple characters, some show more human-like behavior than others. His early novel Eden, is an exception; the differences prove insignificant to an extent.

You do get the distinct impression that if she was raised by any species except wolves, the series would be wildly altered, and she and Blind Seer have a very nonhuman view of pretty much everything.

He was much thinner than formerly and smelled a different kind of odd, like a sickness. One of the major themes is how alien human society seems to them, and how difficult they find understanding and interacting with humans.

Beloved took me everywhere with him. He told the breeder he just had to come back for me. Luckily, the bees had scattered by then, and the ants were most of the way back to their nests loaded with ant and bee meat, so the fire did not kill very many.

You do get the distinct impression that if she was raised by any species except wolves, the series would be wildly altered, and she and Blind Seer have a very nonhuman view of pretty much everything. The protagonist of the mystery and most of the characters are robots too.

Frisby a field mouse writing a xenofiction story normal animals with only the vaguest comprehension of human or rat technology. The spider knew he was there, but she was drowsy and ignored him for a time.

The author, in fact, wrote it as an extended Author Tract to inform the public of the ill-treatment of horses. They are described in synaesthetic terms: The boy chick rudely stuck his finger in my cage, and I bit him. Cold Moons by Aeron Clement was about a group of badgers on a exodus towards the promised land of Elysia where they could live safe from humans.


When warmth returned and the world sprang alive with soaring flowers, the adult butterfly emerged from its wrappings, fully grown and educated. His chicks visited occasionally. The gravity of this world was too slight, and the air much too thick, for Man to dwell here in comfort, nor were the seasons suited to beings such as he, who may endure for a hundred years.

Several books are told from alien writing a xenofiction story of view. Large segments of Cyteen are from the POV of the rather alien "azi", humans whose psychology is artificially constructed. Played with in several different ways with the evolved baboon-people in Robert Silverberg 's postapocalyptic novel At Winter's End.

Patience was often desirable in mingling with the lesser creatures of Man, and the butterfly was, after all, in no hurry. Said, are good examples of this. Move it onto its own line somewhere in the appropriate section.

Some of the broader genres listed here might be thought of as 'descriptive' or 'functional' categories instead, and there is no real agreement on which is which.

The metal-secreters never seem to eject at anything that cannot be sensed by vision. He was abandoned, then adopted by a pack of wolves. It scares Bagheera witless when Mowgli, in "Letting in the Jungle", asks Hathi to help him to wipe out the village just the town itself, not kill the peoplekind of like how most people would get if they were told to wipe out a city, and Bagheera knows more than most what humans are like.

Well, you know how ants are when somebody tries to take food away from them. In the post- motion picture Star Trek novel "Ex Machina," several chapters are narrated from an alien point of view, including obviously Spock, a fifty year old teenager from highly regimented Lawful Neutral society, and a bipedal fish-woman with six mouths who communicates through poetry.

Juna Saari, the scientist who finds herself stranded among them. Touched on by Science Fiction writer Mike Resnickwho includes aliens that actually act alien, with often incomprehensible motives, in otherwise human-centric stories.

That was different, and I enjoyed it. In a few years, we stopped going to the barbershop. In parts of Return to Mysterious Island 2: Bravelands centers around three African animals a lion, a baboon, and an elephantwho have to save the African savannah from a mysterious murderer seeking to overthrow the code that bonds all animals.

Chia The Wildcat is a s book about a wildcat surviving in the wild and raising her young. Make the title into a link get rid of the spaces, and stick a slash between the So You Want to and the name of the page, like this: He stroked my feathers and I made a sound like purring.This story strives to acquaint the reader with the civil war in England in the early s, without stopping to give a history lesson that would distract from the story.

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Animal Xenofiction (Nonhuman POV)

There is a rather large section at the tail end of the article. It is separated into the same sections as the rest. I'm writing a story about pets in a neighborhood investigating supernatural events, most of which are related at least loosely to the ghost that killed three of the pets' previous owner.

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Writing a xenofiction story
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